A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
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Terms and Conditions

Spirit and Muscle provides health, fitness and nutritional information for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice.

Care is taken to confirm the accuracy of information presented however Spirit and Muscle makes no warranty expressed or implied with respect to accuracy or completeness of content. The use of any information provided is to be used solely at your own risk.

There are risks to any exercise program, including increased heart stress and the chance of injury. In volunteering for any of our programs you agree to assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damage.

You also agree that, to your knowledge, you have no limiting physical conditions or disability that would preclude an exercise program.

By using this website or anything affiliated with Spirit and Muscle, you agree to commit 100% to the program for its full duration and accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being AND you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by Spirit and Muscle.

By signing up for any of our free resources or programs you understand we will also send you additional valuable free content and special offers from time to time.