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Welcome to Spirit and Muscle...

...where Faith meets Fitness. "Young Jerold" here, 57 years young to be exact, and I am excited you are here! Physical fitness goes hand in hand with Spiritual fitness. We were created to reflect God's glory to a lost and dying world. And guess what? It's actually fun! I can show you how to be transformed from the inside out in ways that affect your entire life - spirit and muscle.

Are you overweight or out of shape? Do you need more energy and confidence? Are you too busy to find time for health and fitness? Do you lack motivation? <---(that's a biggee.) Or are you one of those people who just love to eat?? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I can relate. I have answered yes to ALL of them at some point in my life, which is why I KNOW I can help you.

PS - I still love to eat, but I have discovered you don't have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthy. I also now love training. My promise to you is this: in every video, article, podcast and online course I produce - I WILL teach you principles that work, and if you put them into practice you WILL see results. Guaranteed!