A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
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Max Muscle Guidelines

Customized muscle building guidelines for Destin and Jerry “4 Week Max Muscle Program”


Workouts: Research shows working out each muscle group twice per week is optimum for muscle growth. We will be using a 3-day Push-Pull-Legs split routine, repeated 2x per week: Day 1 Push, Day 2 Pull, Day 3 Legs; Repeat for Days 4,5 and 6. Workouts will be intense, therefore Nutrition and recovery are VERY important.


Pre-workout nutrition 8am days: Unless you wake up at 5am to eat breakfast, I recommend taking some easy to digest carbs (something like Gatorade) and BCAAs along with your pre-workout drink. I also recommend sipping on BCAAs with Gatorade INTRA workout. The more intense and longer duration our workouts get, the more you’ll appreciate that extra energy!


Pre-workout nutrition 10am days: You have 2 choices on later workout days: 1. Follow the pattern above, or 2. Eat a pre-workout meal 2-3 hours before your workout. This meal should contain carbs to fuel your workout and some protein to kickstart protein synthesis after your workout. I would keeping this meal fairly small for easier digestion. In this case intra-workout nutrition is optional.


Balanced nutrition tips: Fad diets such as Keto, Paleo, Raw Food, Vegan, etc. are not recommended as healthy, balanced or sustainable. I recommend a balanced diet consisting of whole foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I discourage processed foods and high fat foods and sugar as much as possible.


Weight gain tips: The challenge with eating in a calorie surplus is getting enough calories without over-taxing your digestive system. I recommend a higher meal frequency, meaning 4-5 meals per day. Eat your first meal early in the day. If you’re not used to eating early, start small and you will get used to it. Eating calorie dense foods is also helpful. If you’re having trouble eating enough protein, a whey protein supplement can help you fill in the gaps.


Supplements: Creatine, whey protein as needed, pre and intra-workout drinks