A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
A Fitness Ministry to the Body of Christ
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Max Fat Loss Guidelines for Luna

Customized fat loss guidelines for Luna “4 Week Max Fat Loss Program”


Goals: This is not a muscle-building program; while in a large calorie deficit you may not progress every workout, in fact you may lose a little strength over the 4 weeks. But don't fear, this is to be expected, and will come back fast. Your goal is to preserve as much muscle/strength as possible while losing approx. 2 lbs fat/week. 


Workouts: You will be working out at the gym 6 days a week for max results! You will be doing a 2-day split – upper body day 1, lower body day 2, along with 20+ minutes of extra low intensity cardio each day. Then circuit training cardio on day 3. Repeat for days 4, 5 and 6.


Nutrition recommendations: For this max fat-loss program your daily calorie goal will be 1450 while keeping protein around 150g/day. Meals high in protein and fiber are more filling. I recommend a fiber supplement before meals. Even drinking a large glass of water before meals will help you feel fuller. Drink zero-calorie drinks or coffee between meals to keep hunger at bay.


Intermittent fasting: I recommend intermittent fasting for a number of reasons. Intermittent fasting has been shown in research to be good for muscle preservation while losing fat. Eating less frequently will allow you to eat more calories per meal, helping you feel fuller. I recommend coffee for breakfast and then eating 2 full meals for lunch and dinner. But it's entirely up to you, the bottom line is find what works for you and do it consistently!


Balanced nutrition tips: Fad diets such as Keto, Paleo, Raw Food, Vegan, etc. are not recommended as healthy, balanced or sustainable. I recommend a balanced diet consisting of whole foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I discourage processed foods and high fat foods and sugar as much as possible.


Supplement recommendations: A fat burner can help you feel more energetic during a fat loss phase. Fiber supplements can be useful to aid digestion and help you feel fuller longer.