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What Happens When a Fit Person Gets Covid-19?

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What happens when a fit person gets covid? Why does covid affect people so differently? How do you know if you should go to the hospital or ride it out at home? The answers to these questions coming up…

I'm 58 years young and exercise 4-6 times a week. But like millions of others I too got the corona virus. The first day I began experiencing symptoms, it was like catching a cold - headache, slight fever, runny nose and cough. I just figured I caught a cold so I didn't think much of it. The next few days I took it easy and rested. I took ibuprofen for the headache and fever. In that time symptoms didn't improve or get worse. But on the 4th day the fatigue set in; I had zero energy. All I could do for the next week and a half was sit around and sleep off-and-on most of the day. It was horrible. About 4 days into it my wife and daughter both started experiencing mild flu like symptoms as well. They both had taken the Covid vaccine so we truly thought this was just a cold or seasonal flu, but just to be safe they decided to get tested. And they both tested positive for covid-19.  This was about a week into it for me, 3-4 days for them. At this time I started experiencing breathing problems; I couldn't take a deep breath without feeling tightness in my lungs. THIS was the scariest part of the experience, since I knew breathing problems have landed many in the icu. Thank God it didn't get real bad. I also lost my appetite, nothing smelled or tasted right, and my stomach was upset for a few days. I continued to  manage my headache and fever with ibuprofen every 3-4 hours. If I missed a dose or was late, my fever and headache returned with a vengeance. I lived like this for nearly 2 weeks, not getting any worse, thank God, but not getting any better. Then the third week my lungs began to improve and my appetite returned and my sense of taste and smell were returning and I started feeling a little more energy. I weened off the ibuprofen and started walking and doing household chores. As of today it's been 4 weeks. I still have a very mild lingering cough and stuffy nose. My energy level is not where it used to be but improving each day. I'm up to walking 2 miles every other day. I plan to return to weight lifting in the next week or so, Lord willing.

Thank God my family and I are all recovering. But why is it that some people experience mild symptoms and some end up in the hospital? And what are the danger signs to watch for to know if you are at greater risk? That was MY question and I want to share what I have learned with you. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, it's just what I have learned, and as always I encourage you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Statistically, we know that about 85% of confirmed cases of covid-19 are mild, and 15% are considered more severe, with about 5% being critical. The risk of developing dangerous symptoms of COVID-19 may be increased in people who are older and also in people who have other health problems. Of course this is similar to what is seen with other respiratory illnesses, such as influenza. These increased risk factors include:

  1. Older age. especially those 85 and older
  2. Lung and breathing problems. including asthma.
  3. Heart disease and Hypertension
  4. Diabetes and Obesity.
  5. Chronic kidney or liver disease.
  6. Down syndrome.
  7. Cancer and certain blood disorders.
  8. Weakened Immune system.
  9. Other unknown genetic factors.

The reality is some young active fit people with covid end up in the ICU and some 90 year olds skate by with just mild symptoms, and everywhere in between. The truth is: Doctors and health professionals do not have all the answers.

"What are the danger signs?" How do I know if I should seek emergency care? According to the CDC web site, you should seek emergency care right away if you are experiencing…:

  1. Trouble breathing. Shortness of breath while at rest. Breathing getting more difficult. Since covid is a respiratory disease that attacks the lungs, this is the #1 emergency warning sign.
  2. Chest or upper abdominal pain or pressure.
  3. Sudden dizziness, confusion, weakening or fainting
  4. Inability to stay awake.
  5. Low oxygen levels. As manifested in pale grey or blue-colored skin, lips or nail beds depending on skin tone. If you have a finger oxygen meter, anything under 90% is considered low.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek emergency care right away. Do not ignore your body's warning signs. Delaying treatment can have serious, even deadly consequences. This list is not comprehensive; contact your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

If you are recovering from covid, like me, or you just need some help getting motivated to start exercising again, pick up my free resource called "do what you want"... actually it's "do what you REALLY want" - the 3 step motivation hack. It's a free pdf guide that distills motivation into 3 simple steps to help you get started or keep going on your fitness journey. Visit the link below.

What does the Bible say about it? The book of James, chapter 1 verse 2 and 3 says: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you encounter trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." And verse 4 says: "Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." I suppose getting this virus is inevitable for most of us. I trust that the Lord is working through this trial to teach me and grow me. It definitely lasted longer than I expected. It basically took me out of commission for the better part of a month. Once I started getting my brain power back, I started researching. I don't know about you, but early on in the pandemic, I experienced "covid overload," it seemed like all everyone was talking about was covid. So I kind of hit the off switch and stopped listening to it, which honestly left me feeling a little unprepared when I did get it. So now I'm playing catch-up and researching and learning all about it, probably too much information! And I want to share what I'm learning with you, so you can be more prepared. So in my next few articles I'll be answering questions like,

Do natural supplements work work against covid?

When can you return to exercising after having covid?

What is the Christian response to mandatory cookies?... and more.

Okay that’s it for this week’s article. Thanks for joining me. Don’t forget to pick up my calorie calculator combo, the ultimate free tools to help you succeed on your fitness journey, just visit the link below. That’s all for now, God bless you, and I’ll see you next time.

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